Bring your music to your alarms.

Wake up to your Spotify songs and playlists. Your mornings will be easier than ever.

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It's gym time

Listen to the right tune at the right time and get inspired for the day.


Bring your Spotify music.

Connect to Spotify and add your songs to your alarms. Search for your favorite artists and playlists.

Get in the mood with playlists.

Pick a playlist based on a genre, a mood or an artist and wake up to a different song every time.

Play anywhere.

Use Spotify Connect to play your music on your connected devices. Wake up with that damn bass.

No internet needed.

Mornify will still work if you have a Spotify Premium account and made your music available offline.

Get more features with Mornify Pro.

Make the most of your alarms with Pro.

Snooze like magic.

Turn your phone face down to snooze your alarm and get a little more rest. Yes, just like that.

Read your alarm times.

Your phone will read aloud your alarm time right before your music kicks in.

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